We wanted to create a solution that would ease mental health issues among kids, young adults, and adults by allowing them to play with a Tamagotchi/virtual pet that grows and plays with them.

What it does

We created a web application that allows users to customize and play with their own pet by logging in occasionally, taking care of their pet by bathing, playing, feeding, sleeping, which increases their mood and overall health of the bear. Doing all of the chores increases the experience of your pet, leveling it up! You can collect badges and customize your own bear as well. Each action the bear has its own unique animation. Make sure you try it out!

How I built it

We create a backend server to store user data including the bear's state and the last user login date. Comparing to the current date, we render the new bear state given how long the user has logged off. The animations were done through a customized zdog library. We used materialUI and our own custom CSS buttons to help simulate a good and smoothing user experience.

Challenges I ran into

Animations are hard :(

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting more than 6 animations completed and creating a full-stack web application to customize for every single user.

What I learned

MERN stack, especially react hooks and creating custom animations.

What's next for Bear Buddies

More animations, support for mobile, etc.

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