Our inspiration was from the fact that everyone should have the right to access information.

It has a transparent database for all KDA properties of Pakistani government. The properties that are added to the system are done using a webportal built on Angular and Nodejs. Once the prices are done with a set "base price", it appears open for bidding on the Android app such that each individual citizen who is interested to rent that property can go and submit a bid. Once the bid is won, it appears on the portal so that everyone can view the actual rental rate and the next opportunity when the bid for that shop will re-open

Built on Blockhain using ChainDB, Angular and Java (for client app)

Time Constraint and new in technology

The working prototype in a short span of time with the hackathon pressure

A lot about different blockchain platforms like IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure as we had to study

The challenge to promote in and expand it.

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