Its challenging to come up with balanced meals on the fly, so Beans and Toast allows you to pick your favorite meat and vegetable (or the leftovers in your fridge) and directs you to a full recipe that will definitely satisfy your cravings!

Challenges we ran into

Since THREE.js had to, not only work on our local computers, but to every user, we discovered we needed to import a cdjns javsacript link into our html. Setting up ports for our server on Replit was challenging. Lastly, we spent a good chunk of time perfecting the aesthetics (centering, colors, etc.).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The 3D animation The facebook 2 step authentication using the Facebook API forced us to debug our middleware line by line but in the end it was worth it because it has the added functionality of not logging out users in between visits.

What's next for Beans and Toast

More vegetable and meat options could easily be added, but maybe also accessing a sql database of recipes.

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