Team Members: David Yan, Saahil Kumar, Cheng Xi Tsou, Stanley Wu, Vevey Zhan Table Number: 1

StudyHusky is a helpful tool for students to remotely check which classrooms are occupied, which is especially helpful during midterms and finals. When students enter a room, they may navigate to our home page using a QR code posted in the classroom and then select which room they are planning to study in. Our application tracks the occupancy of each room and makes it public for all users to see. We have also included a 'kudos' system where users are rewarded points for using the app. We are planning on adding real-life rewards (food from on-campus restaurants for example) to make kudos more enticing, while also adding punishments in the app to prevent abuse of the system. Happy studying!

  • We used React to create an interactive front-end
  • We used Firebase to mimic a server and database which allowed us to both read and write data for real-time updating of room occupancies

As a group, we had never used React (or even Javascript) before so we learned that in the span of this hackathon and were able to create this application. Some challenges we faced were updating the states in real-time due to the asynchronization of Javascript, being able to read and write data from the Firebase, and connecting the front end to the back end.

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