This product will fundamentally change how people process information.

When you see people browse web and find some useful pages, they may clip it using OneNote, Evernote, Pocket like read-it-later software or even save it as a PDF. However, saving information doesn't mean processing and digesting, and people usually just forget what they have crawled on the web.

The real problem here is the saving procedure is totally unnecessary. Read it later is good, but we all fight with the common psychological shortcut, “you think you will read it later, but you seldom do.” Things go worse when people starts to take notes. You already have multiple copies of same piece of information, but now, you need to keep track of the relationship between your notes and those copies manually as well.

You don’t need the saving button, of which should be taken care automatically. You don’t need multiple copies and switch browser between note-taking software. A consistent context gives you the best performance.

Here we present Beanote, which enables you to take notes right inside the web page. We still save the webpage for offline browsing and reading in the mobile, like now everyone else does. But you annotate the web page, take notes and write documents right on the web page without any switching costs. Moreover, we manage all the references automatically.

What’s more, it sits ever closer to the browser, the entry of web, the knowledge base, the game station and needless to say the most-used software in almost every device. This closeness not only makes the information processing and note-taking a more transparent and easier process ever, but also endows us a maximum possibility for connectivity, collaboration and extensibility. Lots of social elements could be integrated, people have similar web browsing habits share similar points and we could connect them together. Teamwork requires people have a unified knowledge collection base and beanote could manage every reference and knowledge.

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