We are avid users of Discord, interacting with numerous bots on a daily basis to improve our experience on the platform while engaging with friends. We wanted to make our own bot to help improve the experience of using Discord and to gain experience with Node.js

What it does

Beanbot allows users to register projects on the bot, independent of servers, and then make listings for their projects on servers. Using those listings, other people in the server can give feedback on your project, and all the feedback from all your servers with listings can be compiled into a neat little JSON or HTML file for reading or processing. We also have a fun Wordle-inspired minigame, which is fun.

How we built it

We used the discord.js library in the Node.js framework to build our Discord bot. A Discord bot essentially operates as any other Discord user, except it signs into a client with it's designated secret token, and it can respond to inputs from servers and DMs automatically.

Challenges we ran into

We are both unfamiliar with JS and the Discord API, so every step of the way took a few more web searches than an experienced developer would need.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works... and it doesn't die. Sometimes that is all you can ask for. We also gained some experience with Git Bash, which certainly makes me feel like a "Hackerman".

What we learned

We learned about the structure of a Node.js project and how to share it with other contributors.

What's next for Beanbot

As of right now, the bot is hosted on one of our computers, which works great until I want to bring it anywhere. A good next step would be hosting the bot elsewhere to increase the bot's reliability and uptime for other users. We'd also like to add a few other miscellaneous commands to make our Discord experience more efficient and as some more good learning experiences.

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