We, the developers, are the introverts who only get along well only with other developers. But we don't have a means to find and interact with the fellow developers.

What it does

Social Radar acts as a passive broadcaster which broadcasts your professional data using Beacon/Nearby technology. Using which a developer can find fellow developers of interest in the conference.

How we built it

We built it using the following:

  1. Code & Coffee
  2. Android Studio
  3. Facebook Graph
  4. Parse
  5. Enthusiasm

Challenges we ran into

Implementing a logic to broadcast the developers' professional data in a highly secured format was a matter of challenge. Secondly, an algorithm which detects the right match of developers was a bit tricky as the match parameter complexity was really high for the developer community.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We just took our first step towards 'No introvert developer' future and we are really proud of it.

What's next for Social Radar for Developers

We would be launching Social Radar to the public really soon, as this idea/product is the right fit for the present market.

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