One of the major issues when dealing with mental illness is the fear of judgment. One's insecurity may prevent them from seeking out support and expressing their true feelings. By eliminating the factor of identity, it eliminates these issues and allows those who need help to truly express themselves.

What it does

It is a mobile platform that allows users to anonymously talk to those who are facing the same issue as them and administration officers who have an expertise in psychology. To do so they can join groups where you are able to exchange thoughts and experiences with people who are in a similar situation. This is to allow users to know that they are not alone and others are facing the same issue as them. It creates a sense of communion and motivation for the users. To get expert advice, users are able to message administrators who are trained professionals in psychology. The application allows users to find face to face support groups near them that they can attend if that is their preference. The application creates a community for users to freely express themselves and seek help.

How we built it

We used android studio to design and build the framework of the app. We implemented a simple and easily accessible design for our users.

Challenges we ran into

Like any other coder, we ran through our fair share of bugs and errors. As time went on, we found faster and better ways to debug our code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We took this chance to dive deeper into android development and create an application that surpasses the level of difficulty than any of our previous app designs.

What we learned

From our desire to create new and more in-depth functions in the application that none of us has created before, we were able to find new ways to code and many new functions with android.

What's next for Beam

Implementing a database to speed up our ability to help and support different users.

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