Beaker Notebook is a powerful tool that allows for rapid development of data insights. An open-source project started by Two Sigma, it bears much similarity to IPython notebook but adds the ability to execute code from many languages within the same notebook and to share data between them, allowing the user to use the best tool for any given job.

While Beaker Notebook is very powerful tool, as data grows, so must our tools to analyze it. We have augmented Beaker Notebook using the Google Drive API to allow for fast and easy collaboration.

Typically, when a new Beaker notebook is created, it is saved on the computer running it. Now, with the addition of Google Drive integration, you can now save directly to Google Drive. This capability means that the user can enjoy all the powerful sharing capability of Drive, allowing for the ability to share with specific people and to control access privileges.

Beaker Notebook already has a substantial user base. With our addition of large scale collaboration, we can help Beaker Notebook and its users rise to the challenges posed by the Information Age.

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