We live among heroes. In fact, we are all Heroes. We stay home, away from our work and businesses. We are Doctors and nurses fighting in hospitals. We are security forces, providing safety. We are Super Market employees providing goods to fellow citizens. Someone should find a way to say "Thank you" to all those Heroes!

I saw the Prime Minister of Italy, begging to Stay at home and I was crying! We should help in this direction and enhance #StayHome in every way possible!

First I was focused on helping #stayhome heroes. Those who stay home, away from their jobs and businesses! But then i happened to be in a Super Market. It was 21:00 and all the employees wore masks and they were so tired and polite at the same time!!!! So i thought if those who stay home are heroes, then those guys are SUPERHEROES and then what about Doctors and Nurses????? Someone...NO EVERYONE SHOULD SAY "THANK YOU" AND RECOGNIZE THEM AS EVERYDAY SUPERHEROES!

What it does

It is an app providing a way to enhance #stayhome and recognize everyday heroes! Users register and collect points (for prizes & rewards): 1)With their job profile-super powers and 2)when "stayinghome".

Three categories of heroes:

1) Stay home heroes X1 chances to win incentives. To this category, they put their address and receive push notifications every one or two hours, and if they are geolocated to their home (Their super force field) they collect and harvest the points! "Thankyous"

2) Super Market employees and Security forces have 2X chances to win incentives

3) Doctors and Nurses have 3X chances to win incentives! To these two categories (2,3), they just choose their job profile and receive one push notification a day. They collect all the day points once, Whenever, wherever!

Businesses and hopefully governments provide incentives to heroes. With that way, they say "Thank you" and recognize everyday Heroes! Businesses declare their presence to the biggest crisis of our generation by supporting everyday heroes, and citizens see them as SuperHeroes Brands! It is a big CSR initiative with gamification and a great and positive impact on society!

////////////After the Virus/stayhome it will be unemployment/stayhome or another crisis and BeAHero will provide the way to support all those people with the help of companies, brands, and governments!////////////////

How I built it

Made a Team of developers and work 40 nights and days!

Challenges I ran into

Creating a team of developers fast, finding companies to provide "Thankyous". Communicating with the Greek Government!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Built the team and created the App in such a short period of time!. Worked with the team for 40 nights and days and during the Hackathon to improve our project!

What I learned

It is hard to communicate with businesses and the government in such a short period of time! When an initiative is started by an unknown startup there are small chances to convince Big Brands and the Government that fast! In the Hackathon i learned that help must be always welcome!

What's next for BeAHero

The app is now ready for launch!!!!

For now... We want to collaborate with all countries and big companies that will provide incentives to citizens to enhance #stayhome and support the Health system and additionally to Recognize and support all Every day Super Heroes.

Next.... /////// BeAHero will continue after the crisis of COVID-19 by providing a way for businesses to communicate and reward particular job profiles, citizens, regarding their interests and geolocation (other than home) too! ////// After this crisis, we will continue to have everyday heroes!!!!! #Stayhome heroes because of unemployment....School teachers... Firefighters for forest fires..Correspondents for earthquakes and terrorism actions...etc... We will always need a way to identify,recognize and support everyday heroes!

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