At Decision Point, we have built analytical tools including simulators for our clients and during our observation, we have seen that though tech savvy users feel comfortable with the tool, there was some hesitancy built up in business users.

Many business users are not aware of how to access all the tool stack which has been built for them. As a result, even after an investment in tools to make the company data driven, business strategies were still missing crucial inputs that an analytical simulation can bring.

What it does

Beagle simulators can help users :

a. Experiment with new strategies, scenarios. b. Understand Possible consequence of decision over time. c. Alter present strategy if necessary. d. Take advantage of unseen opportunities.

In Beagle Stimulator users can:

  1. Create a new Scenario, with natural language input in the tool. Users can simply connect with Beagle and type in scenarios which they want to run.
  2. Beagle populates scenario builder according to user request and give option to better define the scenario.
  3. Beagle will deliver back business results, once the scenario is confirmed by the user. Results will be in the form of Business parameters such as gross profit / loss, revenue generated / loss.
  4. Users can also access the results of previously run scenario / Compare results from two different scenarios.

How we built it

Beagle Simulator, connects with a back-end simulator engine and acts as a conversational interface by converting users natural language inputs into simulations queries, which in turn fed into the simulator and results are delivered back in the form of analysis card.

Challenges we ran into

Converting natural language inputs into a meaningful simulation, has been quite challenging to build. Many a time users can input, incomplete inputs into the tool and just like a search engine we wanted to convert those inputs closest matches of a complete scenario. We have achieved this by giving the user's option to edit scenario and make it more refined by adding/removing SKU's on which he wants to run those scenarios and we are quite proud of the results we have achieved.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are quite proud of the impact that Beagle simulator has already brought into the market. Initial test run, within a production environment for one of our clients has been extremely promising and many stakeholders have told us that Beagle Simulator has made their life easy.

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