What inspired us to build Beagle Nudges?

Beagle Nudges are inspired by everyday nudge which we get in our daily lives from a banking to e-commerce apps. We thought of bringing the same experience for data analytics for our users in Microsoft Teams. So that users do not have to worry about missing out on any important data points and can solely focus on actions

How we built it

Beagle Nudges deliver data nuggets, proactively according to decision routines so that user can focus on actions. Nudges serves as a Intuitive input which acts as an anchor for reflective decisions instead of leaving users to take decisions with guess work and their intuition. Nudges are configured and delivered basis three criteria:

  1. Who : We leveraged User Segmentation based on shared charteristics such as Recency Frequency, Usage, Demographics, Relevant Analysis etc.
  2. What : Nudges backend engine run experiments with careful control for finding right content which can help users take informed decisions. A constant feedback loops runs and identify right anchors and content from the users list.
  3. When : Beagle nudges have a built-in intelligence to identify triggering events in real time. This helps us provide relevant nudges at the right time. Nudges are triggered and delivered based on : A user routine : Depending on the user's routine and the analysis they would like to review on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, nudges will be delivered to the users. Events like - new data update, trend break: When a major event happens, such as data is updated for the analysis or a trend break in the analysis. Context of analysis : Based on user, usage pattern suggesting him next card in the analysis. Peers usage Pattern : .Provide social evidence for analysis, to users and recommending the analytical basis what his peers are looking at.

Challenges we ran into

• Nudge content identification was especially challenging to build. To identify all relevant contexts across a multitude of triggering scenario and mapping those contents with a single nudge was an extremely tough piece of the puzzle. • There is a thin line between nudging and a nudge becoming a spam. It was quite challenging to prioritise different nudges at a personalised level. • Challenge of a personalised nudge when a user is trying to use Beagle for the first time is something that still alludes us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of how nudging help us increase user engagement by over 75% of our clients and how nudging is helping us lower the data adoption barrier across the organization.

What we learned

We learned that Nudges are a real strong force to bring in change and drive adoption for any transformation. However there is a thin line between nudging and spamming and that line is different for every individual.

What's next for Beagle Nudges

Configuring more triggering events and building personalisation limit for each person so as to avoid spamming the users.

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