A few weeks ago, Prithvi was stuck in a terminal with nothing to do while waiting for a domestic flight. We brainstormed for this hackathon, and we noticed that business travelers often were unproductive and thousands of hours were "wasted" by frequent travelers.

How it works

Using profile data gathered from Linkedin and location data from beacons installed throughout airports in the US, we aim to help businesspeople connect and make the best use of their time at airports.

Challenges I ran into

Accurately positioning businesses and other points of interests on the airport map.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Accurately pinpointing users in airports based on positional data given by beacons.

What I learned

We learned to work with the iOS development toolkit and with numerous APIs with focus on positional data.

What's next for Beagle

Beagle could be used to revolutionize business travel. Today, companies lose millions of dollars each year on un-productive activities surrounding business travel. With Beagle, business travelers can meet and collaborate with their like-minded peers, enriching them, while at the same time enhancing productivity.

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