Desire to promote civic welfare.through encouraging personal responsibility and communal empathy. Instead of going after individuals, we hope to induce interest in the community as a whole.

What it does

Provides connections to skilled individuals in the area for those who require the completion of a specific task. The functionality of the application is divided into the medical requests, the miscellaneous utility requests, and the social requests. The user places a Beacon for a specific problem they desire completed. All individuals with the application downloaded within a preset radius and fulfilling a basic skill requirement are notified of the Beacon. When installing the application, the user inputs their skills. Sensitive skills such as emergency medical abilities are vetted.

How we built it

Significant labor in the user interface to effectively complement a polished appearance with practical functionality. The back end was powered by Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Creating a user interface that was easily accessible by individuals of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Integrating a system that incorporates real-time location analytics to implement in various manners.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of establishing an overall concept that has extended and essentially infinite possibilities. The potential for expansion is boundless and we hope to continuously integrate more and more features that further the standing of the overall community. We had our app compatible in both iOS and Android operating systems.

What we learned

We learned how to effectively use firebase to further our capabilities in back end development.

What's next for Beacons

Creating a social leader board system in which individuals that respond to Beacons earn in-app currency. Corporate sponsors can provide compensation based on the amount of in-app currency one earns. This provides incentives for valuing civic responsibility and thus indirectly improves the community.

Drawing data from a smart watch with heart beat sensing capabilities to judge when an individual enters dangerous levels and automatically notifying authorities and nearby professionals.

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