We thought about using the beacons for a personal project that ended up combining with the challenge of "Escuela de Ingeniería y Ciencias", at the beginning we wanted to use NFC technology so that we could gather a specific data of a certain beacon. At the end we ended up using the proximity feature thanks to the Bluetooth that's included.

The app we developed provides information of several areas of the campus, we only developed one for testing since we only had one beacon. The beacon emits notifications the Android phones that have the app installed, and is searching for a beacon. Once we click in the notification the information about the area pops up, and a video about it.

We developed it using Android Studio, Estimote Andorid SDK, and a Estimote proximity beacon.

Learning how to use the Estimote beacon, since we wanted to use NFC at the beginning. Getting the log-in information of the product since the beacon was already claimed.

Getting to understand the beacon, makes us proud. The beacon does work with our app.

How to use Android Studio, and the Estimote beacon.

We would like to finish developing our personal project, that's a book finder, thanks to the beacon that would be installed at the beginning of the library aisle.

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