To connect refugees with helping organizations .

What it does

Unified platform for live two-way communication of need requests between multiple organizations and their beneficiaries.

How we built it

Open Source Technologies : Angular, Node and express for the development of frontend and backend and NoSQL MongoDb for the data store. Scalability : AWS infrastructure to increase the speed of development and also we can use AWS to scale our architecture based on the need. For front-end, we are planning to use Heroku Infrastructure which will give us the ability to deploy apps on the go and also helps us to scale at the time of more traffic. Our solution uses MongoDb database and we can create a cluster of MongoDB server so that we can create the consistent and reliable system.

Challenges we ran into

Create a working prototype of a functional application is a challenge for us. Moreover, integration of different developer's work is quite challenging. We did pretty well in that and we have successfully integrated some of the modules with back-end APIs. We are also creating an app which is not only useful for us but other users can also work with our APIs and we spent quite a good amount of time for that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The MedAir teams came into the hackathon with the intention of solving a real world problem, regardless of whether we manage to win the competition individually. Four groups of 20 people found themselves connected to the cause, and decided to choose single subproblems to tackle on their own. We chose a diverse team, with talent in development, design, and communication between team members was extremely positive and efficient.

What we learned

We learned that we should come in with a completely finished idea and wireframes of functionalities and finish understanding the needs of users before beginning hack, if we are to implement many features within 48 hours. Otherwise, we should choose a smaller problem and modularize our approach to making sure the end product is functional.

What's next for Beacon

We intend to continue working on the design and development of this platform for MedAir

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