Effortless inventory management - beacon uses QR codes and online scanning to integrate all of your inventory into a state-of-the-art dashboard.


We were inspired by a problem: tracking inventory is complicated and frustrating. Most companies still rely on expensive manual labor or costly, unstable sensor systems. Even with these safeguards in place, it can still take weeks to identify lost items, costing companies millions annually. There’s no fast, simple way to keep track of your inventory. That's where Beacon comes in.

The Internet of Things

The problem with modern IoT technology is that it lacks simplicity; companies have to buy expensive, unstable sensor systems to use IoT to track inventory. By connecting traditional QR codes with modern scanning technology, we bridge the gap between IoT and practicality. Beacon saves companies money and time by empowering anyone to rapidly set up an IoT inventory tracking system.

Adding your inventory

After filling out a short online form, Beacon automatically sets you up with an inventory dashboard. Here, you can add items to your inventory and view when items were checked out by your employees. The dashboard shows a list of your inventory items and automatically generates a label for each one. After adding an item, we'll automatically generate a label for it that you can print out and paste on.

Checking it out

Once you've added your inventory and printed out your labels, you're ready to get started with Beacon. We provide every company with a website for their employees to check in / out items. The website connects to a camera and scans items' labels. If an item hasn't been checked out yet, the employee is greeted with a form where they put in their name and check it out. If it has been checked out, the employee can check the item back in.


We've designed the dashboard to let you know if an item has been checked out for too long - this helps you identify when you've lost or misplaced items immediately, preventing productivity loss.

What's next for Beacon?

We're hoping to place well at Buildathon and pursue launching Beacon as an Internet of Things startup.

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