We set out to improve disaster relief efforts in emergency situations. It was our mission to improve the communication of important areas such as aid centers or hazardous areas. We pushed to develop a reliable disaster management tool that would connect volunteers with citizens affected by disaster situations.

During our development we realized that Beacon has various applications outside of emergency relief. Whether its communicating parking availability or the next workshop at your local hackathon, Beacon is a viable logistical tool.

During our idea creation/brainstorming we were inspired National Institute of Disaster Management's mission statement of the importance of communication before, during, and immediately after disaster situations. (1)

Design Influence

Kurzgesagt is a munich based youTube channel and design studio with a distinctive perspective on design. We tried to emulate their very approachable way in engaging in information design. (2)

What it does

Beacon gives location based notifications to users that are approaching or leaving areas of importance. Such areas include hazardous areas that include flooding, storms, tornados, heavy snow/Ice, and other unexpected dangerous situations. Important areas can also include helpful services such as disaster relief centers, shelters, and information services. Among these applications, Beacon can also be used to as a tool for communication at college campuses, fairs, and other public events.

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