In 2010, over 600 bicyclists died in traffic crashes in the United States ( Seventy-two percent of these fatalities occurred in urban areas, while 67% occurred at non-intersections. Due to the pervasiveness of smart phones and other electronics, an increasing source of collisions is driver and cyclist inattention.

The Beacon blind spot detection device provides audible and visual alerts to cyclists when an unseen entity such as a motor vehicle is approaching from behind. It also flashes to alert the approaching entity of the cyclist's presence. This provides both cyclist and driver with the information necessary to avoid a collision.

The Beacon sensor attaches to the bicycle seat and scans for vehicles approaching from behind. If the vehicle is approaching too quickly or is too close, a light display at the front of the bicycle begins to flash and a small speaker emits a high pitched beeping. The rear facing LED panel on the back of the device flashes rapidly to alert the approaching vehicle of the cyclist's presence. The alerts are given regardless of whether the cyclist or driver is paying attention, thereby helping both avoid an accident. The audible alert will be especially useful to cyclists who cannot hear or who have trouble locating sounds.

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