When students leave a library late at night, they may walk home alone even though they feel unsafe. They don't want to be bothersome to their friends by asking them to walk them home. Beacon is intended to pair students with one another so that they feel safe walking home.

What it does

Students indicate when they wish to leave their location, and when another student who is nearby has the same preferences, they get paired together. The app allows students to match with only those of their gender, and is restricted to UVA students only to reduce misuse by community members.

How we built it

Django, Mobirise (the HTML/CSS), SQLite

Challenges we ran into

How to track the location of the user, text messaging

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building this in 24 hours!

What we learned

How to use text messaging API, how to gather location data

What's next for Beacon

Including a training module in order to ensure even more safe practices!

What we want to be considered for:

Every category!!!

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