As Santa Monica natives we have gained a special connection to the beach. That is why hearing that over 14 Billion pounds of trash end up in the ocean each year kills us. To help combat this horror, we have attended several beach cleanups organized by Heal the Bay and One Swap at a Time. After frequenting these cleanups, we have come to realize how boring they can get. It can also be a hassle for organizers. Throughout the cleanup, the participants record information on paper and hand it to the representatives. Then, the organization has to deal with this paper-consuming mess of data.

Realizing the problems that persisted with the current way of doing things, we felt the need to help make beach cleanups easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved. So we came up with the idea for a platform to help with sustainability by digitizing and gamifying the beach cleanup experience.

At the moment, paper notepads are used for beach cleanups. Our Beachy app introduces a new paperless way of inputting and analyzing the data needed for a successful beach cleanup. Beachy is an app that incentivizes people to pick up the trash that is polluting our beaches through gamifying the experience.

During the event, participants will take pictures of the trash that they find, adding points to their total. There exists a leaderboard that any participant can refresh at any point to see how they are doing compared to everyone else. This provokes a friendly competitive atmosphere that brings with it fun for all involved.

Throughout the event, the organization will receive an intuitive paperless data analysis, as well as access to every photo taken to examine if need be. When the event ends, the organization can access information indefinitely for further statistics.

Participants will also receive at the conclusion of each event. All of the points they earned at the time of the event, will be added to their total points score, which is incremented (hopefully) at every cleanup they attend.

This new approach to beach cleanups would help participants enjoy cleaning the environment, supply companies with clearer, paperless data, and clean the beaches and, in turn, marine ecosystems. Gamification of a way to help sustain the ecosystem not only improves it in the moment, but it would help the next generation associate beach cleanups with fun competition, motivating them to continue, ensuring that mother Earth doesn’t get a fever again.

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