Each year more and more beaches around the globe are shut down due to increase in amounts of pollution. One of the best method to combat it would be to organize beach clean-ups. Despite the fact that there are many beach clean-ups being organized each year, not much awareness is being raised for them and the process of finding details regarding them is not as seamless as it should be. So we decided to make an app to make organizing beach clean-ups more convenient for both the beach charities and the volunteers who wish to attend them.

What it does

beachify is an app which can be used to organize beach clean-ups. It is accessible and convenient to use for both the beach-charities who want to organize the event and the volunteers who wish to attend these beach clean-ups. There are 2 options presented when we open the app, it will ask if we are a beach charity organization or a user who wished to volunteer. The volunteers can browse through the app and see the displayed details of the beach-ups. They can find information such as the name of the beach, the time and the date for which the clean-up is scheduled. The beach-charities can list the events of the beach-ups on the app. They have to enter details such as the name of the beach, the time and the date which is to be displayed to the volunteers who are interested in attending the event.

How we built it

We built it using Front-end : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX , Bootstrap , JSON. Backend : Python , Django , PostgreSQL , MySQL ORM.

Challenges we ran into

Google JavaScript API Activation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We enjoyed the process of brain-storming and collaborating to come up with a app whose purpose is to serve the environment.

What we learned

Using feasible tech stack to develop solution for social good.

What's next for beachify

We plan to integrate Google API's into the app in order to locate places in real time environment.

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