The driving force behind this project was the rising concern for the litter around oceans, seas, and beaches that is not affecting only the aquatic life but also the human race by deteriorating the environment. The secondary benefit of people contributing to the movement was kept in mind while creating the project.

What it does

This website is made to raise awareness among people regarding the cleanliness of the environment particularly beaches. Litter around oceans and seas is not only affecting human life but also devastates aquatic life, both flora, and fauna. Through this small initiative, we expect people to come forward and help us in saving the environment in whatever way they can. This website keeps track of your activities Through the media you upload in form of pictures, videos, and snippets. The modus operand of this website is to help our customers while they help us cleaning the environment. They earn some points each time they make a post on their respective accounts. These points are later translated into rewards. These rewards are either vouchers which they can use while shopping on online platforms or these can also be translated as discount coupons on their tariff during their next stay. These can also be used to make donations to different NGOs and organizations.

How we built it

We made this app using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for it was hard for us as beginners to incorporate the backend even after trying it quite a few times.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was that we were pro-beginners at this and every step was completed after spending a lot of time.

Contributions are as follows:-

  1. Aniket Mishra:-Entire Website made some rectifications on the home page and made the home page functional with other elements, and contributed to the idea in accordance with how it can benefit our users in a secondary way. Also made the part of ppt being used for the explanation.

2.Paritosh J:- came up with the initial idea for the project.

3.Kathir M:- Worked on the ppt (as a secondary resource)

What we learned

We learned a lot about OSS and how each passing day counts and how small steps taken lead to bigger and better results.

What's next for Beaches and Blues

Next, we plan to make this site fully functional with a broad range of benefits for our users and deploy it and make it open for contributions from around the world.

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