We wanted to inspire people to easily get engaged and contribute to cleaning marine debris and litter from our oceans

What it does

The website engages visitors to learn how to easily contribute. It collects data from each contributor. It educates people about the data and the root cause analysis so that we can promote prevention and solutions.

How we built it

Using Jeckyll an Github we were able to make static pages on the web site. We used google docs to put together data samples and graphics. We used other sites as inspiration such as and

Challenges we ran into

With so many factors and problems, it was difficult to identify the main focus while incorporating all ideas.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We leveraged existing sites and ideas. We researched human behaviors and leveraged marketing strategies for quick visitor engagement.

What we learned

We learned there are plenty of local groups dedicated to cleanup but there doesn't seem to be a national organization aggregating data and leveraging the network of these groups.

What's next for BeachCRAB

What we haven't done is created the data backend, it is just mockups. We need to build the database and reporting systems (web form and mobile apps). We should consider noSQL technology to leverage existing data mining libraries.

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