Our Inspiration

Our inspiration for this web-based application comes from the lack of cleanliness on many of our beautiful California beaches. With littering continuously being a major problem around the world, our web-based application aids users by giving them easy access to find beaches where other users are also trying to make an impact helping to clean and come together to meet the same initiative.

What it does

Our application starts with a user's starting location which can be gotten directly through their current location or based on an inputted starting location. Our application then passes this geo-location information to the Google Places API in order to get information on nearby beaches. The user can then select a beach to see pictures of other users's contributions to that certain beach and also what they're saying about the location.

How We built it

Front-End Technologies: React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Back-End Technologies: Python, Django, SQLite

Process Our app was started with the Django framework to get a nice initial outline of where all our components would go. Then, we began attempting to connect the Google Places API to a location. Next we created successful user registration and login with authentication. Once we were able to list nearby beaches based on a user's location, we planned out the data models we would need in order to link signed-in users to a specific beach; this link was created based on the user's posts on that beach's page.

Challenges We ran into

Connecting to Google Places API for the first time was an initial challenge and we also spent a lot of valuable time trying to fix our Django database models as our migrations with SQLite kept running into compiling issues.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Incorporating an API and multiple frameworks to connect different aspects of our application was new ground for multiple group members.

What We learned

We learned how to work more efficiently in a group as this was two out of three of our members' first Hackathon. We also learned a great deal about version control with git, specifically efficiently committing, pulling, and pushing.

What's next for Tidey

In order to attract more users and gain popularity, we plan on implementing a scoring system based on the number of times a user submits a new post through Tidey. The users with the highest scores will be shown on a location-based leaderboard and leaderboard leaders will receive monthly prizes for their contributions to the community.

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