What it does

Beach Sounds is an Alexa skill that plays relaxing sounds from a tropical beach. The ISP component gives users the option to add 'Pro Membership' and upgrade to a premium HD 256 kbps audio stream, as well as the ability to customise their beach by adding 2 additional sound effects. For example, they can add seagulls, fog horns, thunder, rain and people sounds on top of the base wave sound.

How we built it

We used Javascript, Node.js & Lambda for this project. We really appreciate how Alexa Developers are provided many different resources, code snippets and documents to help fast-track development. When the service was complete, we completed the submission using the Alexa Skills Kit and Console.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The service has been an excellent success in the US and UK markets. Prior to us launching there were only ocean sounds on Alexa - heavy offshore rumbling waves. We wanted a gentle, 'lapping the sand', style wave like you would hear if you walked on a beach in Fiji or on a Caribbean Island. After we launched we received excellent feedback and people loved the new sound!

Next Steps

We are always looking for ways to improve the ISP experience. Making it easier for users to add and remove sound effects is a high priority for us. Also, the number of users with a display (Echo Show or even a TV) is increasing, so we would like to improve the visual appeal using high quality photographs, animations and video.

Built With

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