Inspiration 💡

There are times when we visit the beach and are confused while selecting the filters and there are times when you are the home and want to experience beach vibes, so there these AR effects can come to your rescue

What it does ❓

Beach of AR is a collection of AR filters that showcases some of the filters you can use while on the beach. All these filters are developed by us and every filter has a different and unique perspective which will surely amaze you with its working. The AR filters are provided with the integrated socials option so you can try them on your own device. Hope you'll enjoy this beach of filters!

How we built it 💻

We developed all the AR effects using Spark AR Studio.

Challenges we ran into 🤯

The biggest challenge was to get all the effects approved before the deadline.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 😎

We are super happy that we were able to overcome the challenge mentioned and all our filters got approved within the hackathon due date !!

What's next for Beach of AR 🔮

We are planning to add more and more effects to this website and also thinking of adding a feature that people can add their AR creations to the website so they can get a maximum audience reach.

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