The theme was the main inspiration. As excited as we are about the summer, the theme got us more into thinking about exploring beaches.

What it does

The app does the job of finding beaches nearby for you wherever you are, sort the beaches based on the users rating given in the past if you wish, you could look into details like amenities, water activities, weather, events happening on the beach, even register for it, and much more.

How we built it:

using Java Android, this is an android application. For the back end APIs, we used the entity framework

Challenges we ran into:

lack of data, which we still are, and short of time, as well as this app, has lots of more features to be added which was not possible in 2 days.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

whatever we built so far, it's already an achievement to build an app in less than 2 whole days, the idea of the app and how deeply we got into it. I also like the look and feel and the functionalities of the app.

What we learned:

refreshed a lot of things about Java Android, learned to generate ideas, do teamwork and especially work under a quick deadline.

What's next for Beach-in

will be filled with real-time data, integrate google maps to navigate the users directly from the app, need to complete registration for the event part, and much more.

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