We found inspiration of RPG games and seeing a lot of trash around New York. It's really disheartening to see people treat places that inhabit so much wildlife so poorly. New York beaches are especially dirty.

What it does

Beach Hero is a PC video game the players control with their keyboard using the arrow keys and the Z and X buttons.

How we built it

We looked online for a top-down Unity game tutorial. The tutorial was meant for an RPG but as we learned we tweaked to our liking, discovering more on our own until we didn't need it anymore. We started out with basic movement and added different ways to pick up trash. We were mindful of the design choices we made in order for everything to contextually make sense without being too boring. For example, our dash move was given a trash picker, and our neutral attack was a bag that hold garbage.

Soon after, win conditions were implemented in the form of a time limit and garbage target. Once all the assets were finished, we imported them and started designing levels while trying to polish things behind the scenes.

Challenges we ran into

While our ideas were ambitious and we managed to prepare a lot of assets, we ran into trouble trying to polish things under time constraints. Many things that worked on our first trials somehow broke when we tried to improve them. We spent more time making sure our basic functions were in order than polishing what we had.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Rating System -Organized Code -Dash and spin mechanic -All ORIGINAL pixel art and animations

What we would have added with more time

-At least 5 levels -Particle effects -Sound Effects -Puzzle solving with an inventory system -Recycling fun facts -A formal tutorial (a tutorial level was made but was not interactive)

What we learned

-To adjust for time and prioritize -How to use game development api

What's next for the Beach Hero Team

-Continuing the make games and other software in our spare time

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