Virtual Concert every Thursday: One day, we will talk about this time with our grandchildren. About the times that changed everything we thought we knew. About the times that taught us so much about being together while being on our own. About the time that made us stronger and much more happier than we have ever been. We need to believe that. We need some joy right now and we need it together. Music was and will always be a part of our lives so we thought that it would be a great idea to support the musicians we love and  who are making our lives brighter and more colorful. They are in a threatening and difficult situation because of #covid19. We cannot speed up this whole quarantine situation so why not doing the best out of it and organize some virtual concerts? From the bottom of our hearts: when life gives you lemons make lemonade out of it. #betogetherlike2020

What it does

betogetherlike2020 brings together all our cultural demand for great art and exchange. We're all used to be outside, visit venues, listen to great music, meet our friends and join amazing conversations. On the other side, our favorite artists rely on us, on their fans, for their regular income in order to pay their running costs and make a living.

However, as we all know, this is currently not possible. We're trapped at home, missing culture, missing income. And we're solving this. The idea is to hold a weekly online concert. Various artists are able to stream their music straight from their own space. And all of us can listen, participate in the artists online busking salary (paypal money pool) - and also in a pre- and after-concert chitchat via Google Hangouts, Zoom or similar.

How we built it

CEO Giulia is our motivation, drive, network and cultural center. As she has managed several amazing artists around the world, she did the necessary calls, convincing and setup such that the first weeks of #betogetherlike2020 are organized artist-wise. CMO Theresa rocks our communication. Texts, pictures, events, PR, a vastness of channels and promotional ideas, you name it. Her doing easily adds up to several thousand recipients of our first concert invite. Keep them guests coming. CTO Clemens keeps the livestream going and is in contact with our artists in order to make the sound and visual experience happening. Additionally, he engages in conceptional work and is contact person for potential investors

Challenges we ran into

A big challenge in terms of quality definitely is the upload speed at every single ones place which needs to reach the standards of online streaming. Especially as Youtube (same as Netflix) downed their video content quality we've been thinking about quality a lot. However, we're focusing on sound quality and will optimize video in a second step. Additionally, the equipment will be a challenging step for everyone around. At least in Berlin, though, we can solve this through the luckily emerging sharing economy and our artists are well equipped as well. Another tipping point will be the hopefully virally promotion of our streams of which we're sure they're gonna happen!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The most amazing thing is that we've convinced so many international artists already to join our program. They're working day and night to present this new way of concert which is a big challenge for everyone, not only technically. But we're very proud of having several concerts and genres on board already. Additionally, we realized in terms of vision that this format will not only be important for corona times. In the future, travels around the world will be harder and harder. Nevertheless, artists should promote their music

What we learned

We're not the first ones with this idea - but know what: the more concerts, the happier the people, the safer our loved artists. So the more the merrier!

What's next for Be Together like 2020

The next big milestone will be our very first concert on March 26th together with David Lemaitre. With his great voice and endless talent he symbolizes the perfect match for our starting concert. Our proof of concert will be reached if not only technically everything will go fine and visitors will enjoy some great musical art. But also David is supposed to earn what is necessary to make a living. Only if this is reached, we're convinced to also promote other artists through our newly established platform. If it is not reaches, however, we'll find different ways to not only make this a one way advantage. Our upcoming artists are Kenyan rapper Octopizzo, folk & cinematic Mogli, English pianist Poppy Ackroyd and Icelandic superstar Soley.

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