To call the church, and society in general to be more like the Samaritan in the parable Jesus told, in a culture that is increasingly divisive and not at all Samaritan-like.

What it does

It is currently a website, with incomplete content, that is designed to change opinions towards immigrants and provide a sign up to be part of the movement.

How we built it

We used a WordPress theme from StudioPress to be mobile responsive.

Challenges we ran into

Limited programming knowledge in our team to build all the functionality for applications we wanted, and narrowing down the scope of our presentation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a fully functional website in less than two days that communicates our message, and forming the concepts that make the foundation of a movement.

What we learned

Learning story boarding and project planning, consolidating ideas to form a larger vision. Group dynamics and cooperation in compromising ideas to form a vision and plan. Increased WordPress skills for several members and increased interest in programming and future attendance in local Nashville tech community events.

What's next for Be The Samaritan

We would like to propel this into a movement that is adopted by masses of people, and specifically all ideological groups, especially Christians to come together to face and change the human challenges associated with immigration. A strong media strategy is needed. Technically, we would like to see applications built to bring disparate groups of people together to serve the needs of immigrants. Also, relaunching the site in completed form on the domain that was purchased:

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