You can always build an app to hep yourself, but most people in need of help need an app to help them built for them. We built our app not to make a profit, but to send money where it can do greater things. Building for others inspires us more than building for ourselves. (see how money goes to charity in the paragraph below)

How it works

People may join a room via our website, and type in or use a voice command to queue up a song to be played. People may also change the song by texting or tweeting at the room. Anyone in the room may pay $1 to move their song to the front of the queue. Similar to how one may pay a DJ in real life a lot more money to play a song they want. However, the money spent on our app goes to charity. We pay for the hosting of our own site. The user may only have one song in the queue at any time. Also, if someone pays to have a song moved to the front, anyone who pays afterwards will be notified that their song will be moved behind the one that already paid. There is also a chat for each room.

Last minute added features: Mark where you are taking a trip to using google maps and we will give you a playlist with length equivalent to how long the trip is! If you call or text 678-831-3252 and ask a question, it will automatically give you an answer using Watson.

Challenges we ran into

Most of our members have never used Twilio or have ever built a web app. So every API used, or html, javascript, or css file opened was a new challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overcoming each and every problem. Nothing stopped us from completing this app.

What we learned

How to use IBM Bluemix to manage a web service. How to use Node to locally test a web service. How to implement the Twitter, Twilio and Spotify API.

What's next for Be the DJ

Finding a restaurant/bar to use our app to entertain their customers.

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