Detective novels have captivated readers for generations, immersing them in intriguing mysteries and thrilling adventures. We wanted to bring this experience to life in an interactive, first-person game that would challenge players to solve cases using their own wit and intuition. Drawing from classic detective stories, we designed "Be The Detective" to put players in the shoes of a brilliant detective, facing unique and engaging mysteries.

What it does

"Be The Detective" is an interactive, first-player game that allows players to join our game server and enjoy an immersive detective experience on their mobile devices. By leveraging the OpenAI API, we've created a dynamic and responsive environment that adapts to players' actions and decisions, making each mystery-solving experience unique and exciting.

How we built it

Our team utilized a combination of the Django framework, MongoDB Atlas, and SwiftUI to create a seamless experience for our users. We implemented the MVVM pattern to ensure efficient collaboration between our back-end and front-end teams, enabling us to create a well-structured and maintainable application.

Challenges we ran into

Throughout the development process, we encountered challenges such as unfamiliarity with MongoDB database design and the OpenAI API interface. Additionally, coordinating between the back-end and front-end teams proved to be a complex task. However, we persevered, and these challenges ultimately helped us learn and grow as developers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're incredibly proud of our team's ability to overcome challenges and create a working demo of "Be The Detective." Through persistence and collaboration, we have successfully launched an interactive game that allows players to experience the thrill of solving mysteries in a fun and engaging manner.

What we learned

Throughout the development process, our team gained valuable knowledge in various areas, such as database design, RESTful API, leveraging the OpenAI API, and mobile development. These lessons will undoubtedly benefit us in future projects.

What's next for Be The Detective

Our vision for "Be The Detective" includes further development and expansion. In the future, we plan to add a clue function that enhances players' investigative abilities and encourages deeper engagement with the game. Additionally, we aim to support high concurrency, ensuring that our server can accommodate a growing user base. By continuously improving and building robust services, we hope to provide an unforgettable detective experience to users around the world.

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