With a mixed background of experience: -walking with people in recovery (struggling with a variety of addictions) -directing a documentary to raise awareness of mental health issues following the life of a young suicide victim -teaching young people who face pressures that are often shown through all of the above I wanted to create something that would give people an opportunity to find support as opposed to isolation. Most people struggling with the above won't take the time to text or email due to shame / guilt, but from research say they are more likely to press a button when in a desperate state

  • can also be used for medical / other

What it does

With a simple traffic light interface, the app allows the user to add (via a generated code as with bluetooth) 'allies' who they want in their network. This may be a recovery group, church group, or just friendship or family members. The user can update their status with a click of a button. Green - all good Yellow - struggling Red - help / sos / messed up (according to need) The alert is sent to the user's allies instantly to inform them, so they can locate / contact / support - be aware -the user is seen

How we built it

Using: Android studio, Balsamiq, Adobe photoshop/ illustrator, Github, Mongo DB ,

Challenges we ran into

Environment set up & basic troubleshooting

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Collaborating and streamlining our creative and technical skills and ideas

What we learned


What's next for Be Seen

Hoping to take the app to a 'Recovery' conference for people who are looking to set up recovery courses in the UK (November) Additionally to MIND/Samaritans or similar re: young people's mental health support

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