We've all been through those childhood days where we eagerly used to wait for Christmas so as to receive many gifts from friends and family.Unfortunately, this year hasn't been so kind to us and we're all locked up in our homes (literally :D). Many people don't get to enjoy presents this year for Christmas holidays, So we've decided to create a website where we could gift an amount to a random person so that we can contribute our part in fulfilling his/her wish. kinda like being a Santa this year or be one throughout the year. We've also made a Hacky Gift card using a groove beginner kit that you can gift your loved ones this holiday season.

What it does

So users who wish to fulfill their wishes can create a wish on our website by filling in all the details and why you want your wish to be granted. Other Users would likely go through these wishes and contribute an amount or so to your account, so as to fulfill your wish for Christmas. Basically like a group of Santa's from different parts of the world coming together to gift you something.

How I built it

We've used HTML, CSS & JS to do the front end of our website. We've made a REST API and uses postgresql to store the data which can be fetched using the API.
For the Hacky Gift Card. We took a groove kit and used the OLED, Light sensor, buzzer modules, and built a cool Christmas theme gift card that greets you once you open the card. It also shows the amount of money that you've got from our site to fulfill your wish.

Challenges I ran into

  • It was our first time using a DB for a REST API and it came out well
  • Took some time thinking about how to retrieve images from the amazon URL. Decided to use the Bing Search API to obtain a similar image of the product
  • Interfacing multiply modules in the Groove kit was a bit tedious
  • Spend some time making the website look aesthetic
  • Setting up a payment system.. couldn't finish it since it requires other bank procedures so we've left it for future development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Came out with a beautiful website as planned.
  • Could come up with a beautifully made hacky gift card
  • Successfully built a REST API using a DB

What I learned

  • Using pyserial to make serial communication between an Arduino and Python
  • Using marshmallow and sqlalchemy with flask -Successfully used Bing Search API referring the documentation

What's next for Be My Santa

  • Make the website fully functional by incorporating a payment system
  • Device an algorithm so that people who actually can't afford a gift receive more donations as gifts.
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