Parking spaces in the urban environment are rare. However, many parking spaces are only used for a few hours per day. This space could be used profitably, creating a win-win situation.

What it does

We match people who have a free parking space with people who need a parking space.
By integrating carpooling in ticketing processes and calendar entries, we reduce the number of cars on the roads and thus contribute to a better CO2 balance.

How we built it

Whiteboard, FIGMA, HTML, CSS, JavaScript Bootstrap, Python, Video editing with DaVinci Resolve, Miro.

Challenges we ran into

We had not so much experience in frontend development but with endurance and the help of friendly hackers we could achieve a lot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did not know each other before this event, but we're working very well together as a team of four. There were so many small victories on the way and we could learn a ton of new things.

What we learned

Working with bootstrap and javascript.

What's next for Be like grace

Winning this challenge. ;-) Working together with EWB on the next big thing to revolutionize the carpooling / car parking situation in Bern.

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