During the last few months I have organized and collaborated on several social causes, because helping others helps me to reduce the stress and makes me happy. During this period I realised the difficulty of keeping track of activities related to a cause while there is also nowhere to share experiences with others and encourage them to create or join a social cause as well. This is why we have created www.behappy.help: a web platform for social causes. With BeHappy people will publish and promote social causes, using social media dynamics and geolocation to boost happiness around the world.

Who is our target user? There are currently hundreds of thousands of people and organizations working on social causes, these are our early adopters. The platform's features will allow these users to reach all those who are seeking causes to join and in turn increasing their happiness through a sense of community.

Social Dynamics and Geolocation The application is fully integrated with Twitter, so people can share and create social causes using their existing Twitter accounts. By using this social network we preserve the user’s natural communication channel, but also we add several tools in order to monitor, communicate and manage the progress of a cause. Tools like Google Maps, backed by an entirely scalable software infrastructure, allow us to say that we can help others using technology.

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