We were inspired to do this project, partly because of Avast - whose challenge we chose to take, but also because of many other sponsors who we saw and heard were very passionate about how technology could help combat environmental issues. We then reflected on what issues need to be highlighted, and decided on pollution which has been a constant issue throughout the centuries.

We aimed to build an offline addictive browser game which both allows you to enjoy the limited time of being offline, but also a chance to reflect on the impact humans are having on our oceans.

Playing as the Thai "Betta" fish, we hope that this game will encourage all of humanity to Be-Betta to our planet.

We built this application using MelonJS, and JavaScript. The game is held locally and can be found on the GitHub repository attached below. There were originally plans to incorporate this into a website as well, so the game could be played online. However, there were issues with registering the DNS records and pointing them to the Google Cloud domain. This was the main hindrance of the hackathon.

The proudest thing we achieved in the hackathon was the creation of the game itself. It was the first time our team had made a game. It was also especially hard because MelonJS had little to no documentation online and there was some confusion with the provided tutorials given. Especially proud with our use of time management which meant we could focus on strengthening the application we already had.

We learned that it pays to focus on other things when other parts of the project slow down, through to obstacles or verification processes. Also the importance of delegation and how to link a domain name to a web-based platform host.Also due it to being our first time creating a game, learnt a lot about game development and game design.

The next step for Be-Betta is to successfully integrate the website. The dream for the website is to fully complement the game and its environmental ventures. As well as hosting an online version of the game it would:

  • Host articles and links that show how we can be better and do our part
  • Highlight the impact of pollution
  • Recommend accredited charities and organisations who have pledged to make a difference

We hope that this game can help drive much-needed change in our society.

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