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This is time of opportunity of volunteering for each of us to be of service when the world is struck by the catastrophe. Volunteering does not mean sacrificing oneself for others, but being able to follow and apply the rules of the self, enable others to do so, and inspire them. Volunteer services and comforting words are of utmost importance in times of crisis.

It is also our duty to work closely with the administrators in their efforts to prevent the spread of the communicable disease. A volunteer needs to be a mentor. self-care must be followed, And In cases of emergency, be a law enforcement officer, a doctor, a nurse, a driver, a helper and aiding and abetting assistance. Above all, he must be an obedient to social commitment.

Although it may not be easy in the most difficult situations, it should be handled cleanly without complicating matters. Solutions to problems need to be approached with sound judgment.

Due to the epidemic, health workers and volunteers are working on their own for patients relatives who are isolated even by relatives. Volunteers who work hand-in-hand with the official circle to provide accommodation, medicine and food for the government in cooperation with the state are an integral part of the fight against social disaster. There is nothing in the service dictionary that would give a life-threatening, last-minute

sufferers a lasting breath, comforting, but still willing to give up on their journey, instead of seeing their spirits or assimilating last wishes!

For those who are sick and isolated, the touch of love provided by volunteers is nothing short of

comforting. Volunteers give the confidence that single ones can be with them even when distance is needed. These soothing activities help to boost their immune system in such a long time, so that they can be cured and return to normal life.

To keep the disease from spreading throughout the rest of society, It is the responsibility of the actual volunteers to raise awareness and take necessary steps to replace the others.Such awareness is essential in preventing the spread of disease in every community. Volunteering needs to be accompanied by awareness, social cohesion and cooperation to take steps to maintain social hygiene.

Every volunteer must be equipped to serve as a link to the government, health departments, police,

ambulance services and NGOs in the country. We must recognize that it is the duty of the citizens

and duty of every residents of the people of each country. Only then can we ensure social security

and meet the social calamity all at once.

In a period where relationships can be severed, and even unexpectedly the world has been severed,

the world has become a reality. In such a case, every responsible person needs to be willing to

act as links to the message of love and consolation, to create a peace of mind for the tension of

the bond with at least one smile, and to be its propagandist.

May we also pledge to be a volunteer for the world in vain, by our actions and example.

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