I am very fond of video games and super hero movies and i always wanted to make a game for the same. But being a backend developer, it is difficult for me to create normal mobile app for the same. So i chose alexa skill to create a fictional super hero game.

What it does

Basically, in this games you will create your own superheros with your desired super powers and will fight with super villains to save the world. Other then that you can also practice and master your super powers for the future battles.

In this games, there are 3 modes: 1) Battle Mode - Solo and One on One 2) Arcade Mode 3) Practice Mode

It offers you to select any 3 super powers in each game from the pool of 40+ super powers. It also provide you an option to choose battle ground or open an attack as choosing background can be crucial when it comes to winning.

Overall, there are 12000+ combinations of super powers can be made. And it will be fun to play with.

How I built it

I used best of both Alexa Traditional Interaction Model approach and Alexa Conversations to built it. The part where we had 12000+ combination path to choose 3 super powers, there Alexa conversation came in place and became handy for me.

Challenges I ran into

As Alexa conversation is still in beta phase, some time its became frustrating when error comes and you dont know the reason. But Alexa Support team and community was super helpful

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I actually started building the skill in last week before submission date and just completed couple of hours before submission. (I was solo member ;))

What I learned

Learnt so many things about Alexa conversations. What to do and What not to do while designing skills using Alexa Conversations

What's next for Be A Superhero

So Arcade mode and One on One (Offline two player) mode is still in beta. Other then need to focus on audio-visuals of the same

Built With

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