Covid-19 is spreading rapidly through communities, and healthcare systems are struggling to keep up.


This is where Be a sheep comes in, with each user receiving messages about encounters with confirmed infected persons.

Each user of the app is represented in the database with an anonymous ID, whereby no personal information is required or stored. If one of the users tests positive for Covid-19, all other users whose geodata crossed with the infected user will receive a message with date and time, as well as the location of the point of contact.


The app was created on the ionic framework ( The data from the app is written on-the-fly (when using the app) to the Google Cloud Platform in the Firestore (NoSQL Cloud Database) and from there it is sourced to the BigQuery Data Warehouse. The push events for the news and the Risk-NoRisk-Alerts are triggered during the create-event in the Firestore database via defined cloud functions. Risk-NoRisk modelling and self-assessments are currently being solved on a VM using machine learning libraries and business rules in Python and written to the Firestore database. The data is read from the data warehouse in BigQuery. The news events are scraped in Python from SRF & BAG and written directly into the Firestore database.

Core functionalities

  • Receive a message if you have had potential contact with a Covid-19 infected person.
  • Evaluate your symptoms to make the right decisions.
  • Report a positive Covid-19-test to the system and save lives.
  • Get a clear overview of the current data on the spread of Covid-19
  • Stay up to date and receive all news about Covid-19.

Challenges and considerations

  • Which additional functionalities should be offered?
  • How to reach critical number of users?

What's next for Be a sheep

  • Extension of the functionalities.
  • Data modelling and evaluation of the anonymised data.
  • Expand marketing activities for

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