I had always found it hard to remember things and I didn't like recording information in notebooks because I always lose them. So it inspired me to create a simple reminder app to remember important dates.

What it does

The Bdayer (Bidet-er) is an application that displays the calendar, current time, and the next closest birthday. The application only needs your system's clock to work, it records all information locally through the use of text files.

How I built it

I built it using Python v3.8, with the built-in Tkinter module. It also uses the tkcalendar module for display the calendar.

Challenges I ran into

This hackathon was many of my firsts:

  1. My first hackathon
  2. My first 24-hour programming marathon
  3. The first time I showed off my project to the public

It was also hard limiting my features due to time constraints since I was a one-man team. However, I enjoyed the challenges and look forward to attending more hackathons. Thanks UB!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was very proud of making a working application using Python, especially since I am not very experienced or creative most of the time. This was my first time using Tkinter and I am also proud of being able to complete a working beta on time.

What I learned

Planning is a must! Make sure to have a solid plan before starting any code. I also learned that writing well-structured code is something I still have much to learn in order to become better.

What's next for Bdayer

There's quite a lot that I want to add for Bdayer:

  1. Better written code
  2. More setting options
  3. More features! - Gift Recommendations, Images, Sounds, Notifications, Other Event Dates, Notes!
  4. More user friendly
  5. Less bugs

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