Have you ever wanted to play sports instantly but don’t know where to go? Troubled by the inconvenience of scheduling or planning sports activities? Do not fear! GrabSport is here! It is a mobile application which draws inspiration from the GrabTaxi and Uber applications. This is in line with the long-running health initiative promoted by the government to encourage people to include sports in their daily lives, no matter how busy you are. A special type of social media which promotes community bonding as well. A strong community leads to a strong nation!

What it does

• With the help of filters like date, location, preferred activity, it allows one to browse through different sporting activities in their individual proximity of location and participate in them instantly amidst their busy schedules. • Gets instant results like time remaining left to participate, remaining vacancy, location details and the cost. • After clicking the sport of your choice, more details will be shown: Highlights, Images, exact address, attire. • You can add more than 1 member if your friends or family are joining you. • Moreover, we have an additional weather forecast and with the use of weather statistics, we can help you plan your activities beforehand. • Checkout using payment API with a confirmation slip. • Individuals are also able to post a sports activity by themselves, and others may be able to join them as well, promoting community bonding.

How we built it

We built the Frontend of our application using Ionic Framework, Angular JS, npm, Apache Cordova and service providers.

For our Backend of our application using node.js. Data is on local host in the server and recalled back when node.js is running.

Challenges we ran into

Originally a team of 4 members, one of our members was ill for the past 2 days and hospitalised with high fever and he was in charge of the backend of our mobile application. The next member had to leave early due to a curfew = (. Therefore, we, the remaining 2 members had to learn how to do the backend ourselves and implement it into the application. In the end, our frontend developer has to carry the team to do the backend in such a short notice.

We also did not have the Uber or Grab’s template to create the UI for GrabSport due to high costs.

We also had many programming errors which had to be rectified as well, but we sourced through countless materials in Stack Overflow to fix the problem. Also, we suffered from fatigue due to shortage of members and many of us actually could stay up that late at night to continue the work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to build an application from scratch that we all like within the 24 hours and managed to learn Backend in a few hours.

It is also some of our first time in a hackathon, so it was quite an achievement as it was an arduous journey for us. But we pulled through at the end, despite some of us were beginners in programming.

What we learned

We learnt that we need to be always ready and alert whenever emergencies happen. When one of our teammates is down with fever, we immediately knew we had to learn Backend and fast. These things are unpredictable, so we must therefore be adaptable and flexible whatever the outcome, to be able to put the situation under control.

What's next for BD - GrabSport

Collaboration with ActiveSG to integrate our GrabSport with them. ActiveSG is an all-encompassing and inclusive national movement for sport, brought to you by Sport Singapore. Poised to be a lifestyle destination for Singaporeans, ActiveSG will offer individuals, families and communities ample opportunities to experience and share the joy of living better through sport. Thus, through this potential collaboration, we could expect more people to take part in sports without having to organise, or for those enthusiastic few, initiate the sports activity themselves!

On a smaller note, we would like to change the UI into Uber or Grab template in order to bring about the relatability to “Grab” Sport.

Built With

Ionic Framework, Angular JS, npm, Apache Cordova and service providers and node.js. software

Built With

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