The BCS Cats Curling Game is our take on the beloved Canadian sport of curling. This multiplayer game allows players to choose their team— the Grizzlies or the Polars, then test out their skills in a battle of virtual curling. The first player will have two attempts to throw the curling stone as close as possible to the centre circle. After the stone has been released, holding down the mouse will cause bear sweepers to appear, allowing the player to adjust the movement and trajectory of the stone. The first player will throw two stones in a row, then the players switch and the process starts over. After a total of 16 stones have been thrown by both teams, the round ends. Scores are tallied and the team with the closest stone to the centre circle wins a point. Unfortunately, the losing team does not gain any points. Additional points are awarded to the winning team if their remaining stones are closer to the centre than the opposing team’s closest stone. A new round begins and the team with the most points after 10 rounds win.

How we built it

To create our sprites, we used Autodesk Sketchbook to draw our characters and the curling house at the end of the court. We used Pygame in the coding of the game itself which is a Python package for the design and creation of video games. It includes computer graphics and other libraries designed to be used with Python in order to create a cohesive program. We picked this package to use as a challenge to ourselves in learning more Python and experiencing game development in the language.

Challenges we ran into

There were definitely several challenges that arose during our development of the project. For example, implementing the stone collision events or understanding the innate clocking feature of Pygame were tricky.

What we learned

Through this process, we learned game design, how to work as a team and collaborate using version control workflow through Github.

What's next for BCS Cats Curling Game

We hope to add more features to our game, such as improved graphics, collision physics, and a story mode.

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