We got inspiration from an everyday inconvenience: putting a beer in the fridge and taking it out when it is not yet cold!

What it does

Our system controls the temperature of the beer in the fridge through a sensor, gives an alert when the desired temperature is neededand provides an additional alert if the sensor movenet detects that the beer has been taken by someone before being cool enough!

How we built it

We developed an app in Java and a java prototype that runs on PC. To control the beer status we used the sensors form AXA Advanced Engineering Lab. The sensors communicate with a Gateway, by knowing the ID number of the temperature and movement sensors placed on the beer we can get from the server information about the beer status.

Challenges we ran into

We have for the first time developed an app! :)

What we learned

Contacting the server to get the information and dealing with it through the app.

What's next for BCool

Well, as it is COOL we expect our idea to have success! In the future we would like to improve this first prototype! :)

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