For this project, we wanted to create something that helps students with any stress they have because of school. Long day on campus? Hundreds of pages of documentation to read? Not to worry, boredom will never be an issue again. You will be mesmerized by the 8-bit arcade music. Our state-of-the-art controls and gameplay will keep you occupied for hours.

Our motto here at BCIT Invaders is: Why not have fun ignoring homework, because you’re gonna be ignoring homework anyway.

What it does

Launching the game greets the user with some lovely 8-bit music. To start the game, only a mouse click is required.

The BCIT logo is controlled by the user through arrow keys. Hitting space allows the user to shoot projectiles at enemies.

The enemies shoot projectiles back and are trying to pass the user to the bottom of the screen. Rounds are set to which the number of enemies and projectiles increase per round. A total of 3 lives is given, a life is lost when the player either loses all their health or an enemy reaches past the bottom of the screen. Losing all lives results in losing the game.

How we built it

We took Pygame, a set of python modules, to create our arcade-themed game. By coding objects and using BCIT related images, we were able to create a Space Invaders like product that not only helps to destress students but also provides a fun and enjoyable BCIT-Themed experience.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult part of the project was definitely choosing an idea. It was hard thinking of an idea that not only helps with stress but would also be enjoyable. After a while, we landed on a fun arcade game that takes your mind off any responsibilities and instead makes it focus on a mindless game.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are incredibly proud of our teamwork throughout the project. Our group came together to power through this tough assignment and created a fantastic final product.

What we learned

In this hackathon, we experienced how pressure from project time constraints affect a team's ability to produce. We learned how to delegate tasks based on team member aptitudes and we had to quickly learn how to budget our time and complete tasks in an efficient manner. This skill will not only help us in future hackathons but also in the real world when it comes to our careers.

What's next for BCIT Invaders

As of now, the game runs infinitely until you close the game or until you lose. We plan to implement a scorekeeping and leaderboard system. We’d also like to add round intervals to introduce boss-type enemies. We want to make several game modes to expand the player’s experience. A few in mind are co-op, where you can play with another player; boss run, where each round has only one boss; and blitz, where a number of time constraints can be selected. We’d also like to transition over to mobile to expand our player base.

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