Here's the gist:

You wake up one Feburary morning and roll out of bed...

Except you aren't in bed. And you aren't in your room. And if you look very closely... you are abso-posi-lutely sure that you're actually at school.

Why is there blood everywhere?

Why is my teacher a fish?

Whose panties are those on top of the closet?


An escape-the-room school sim. Unfortunately we didn't get through it all in time but we're happy with what we have so far!

  • tilemap with collisions
  • player tracking camera
  • wasd movement with player animations
  • inventory system
  • interaction triggers with specific tiles
  • dialog box ui

Basically all that's left is the non-technical parts of it... scripting the events and story.

What's next?

We're going to see if we can finish this by the end of the long weekend! Stay tuned!

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