BCI Studio is an online platform for generative art that utilizes BCI hardware to allow users to make and share unique creations.

At the core of BCI Studio are two generative components: a visualization engine, and an auditory engine. These components take BCI data as input and generate each respective portion of the artwork. The visualization engine utilizes the browser’s built-in HTML5 canvas, while the auditory engine uses the synthesis library “Tone.js” to mimic instruments in a complex series of musical patterns. These components are then brought together in a Vue.js ‘single-page application’ web-app to provide the user with creative control over both sections simultaneously. There is the possibility of adding other JavaScript visualization and animation libraries, as well as other instruments and sounds to this artistic tool.

BCI Studio also features recording capabilities to store data recorded from the user's brain. The user can simply start the recording at any time and then export it once finished. Data is pulled from the MuseS interface via the “Muse-js” library and piped to the backend that consists of a REST application written in Go. The backend timestamps and stores the recordings to make it available to the user at any point in the future. User accounts and canvas parameters could also be saved in the same manner.

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