I wanted to make an extension and also learn more about web development. I also realized that BCA's social media accounts weren't given the same attention as other BCA websites. I made an extension that allows a user to go between different BCA social media on different websites. It gives you a selection of websites to choose from (Instagram, Twitter and the BCA official website) from where you can choose different accounts. I built it using VSCode, using the languages JavaScript and HTML. I have never used these languages before so. a major challenge was learning the basics and using what I learned to make an extension and website format. I also ran into some formatting errors that I was able to fix by better understanding the languages. Some accomplishments that I'm proud of are making is an extension and formating a page using newly learned languages and also learning new languages. I think the next steps in this project is linking more accounts and websites and branching out, maybe even adding new ideas and developing new functions.

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