Team members: Jessica yang: Tyler Ro: Sonya Cao: Eric Zhang:


In our society today, the black community is one of the most disenfranchised groups and face countless barriers and obstacles, especially in the business world. Whether it is the glass ceiling that prevents black employees from reaching positions of power or the ingrained racial bias that stand in the way for black-owned businesses to reach success, it is no wonder that, even today, the most prominent members of the business world are almost entirely white. It is with that precedent in mind that we look to launch ‘Black Businesses Matter’, or BBM for short.

What it does

Our team has created a Google Chrome extension that, after downloaded, will give consumers alternatives for the items they are about to purchase that are instead owned by black businesses.

How I built it

We have created a website as a landing page to not only promote our extension, but also for people who are curious about our cause, services, and for Black Business owners to sign up. This website was coded in HTML and CSS using Visual Studio, and I will just be going through some of the pages that we have. We have also built the chrome extension through Vision studio and standard HTML CSS code as front end and Javascript for back end

Challenges I ran into

Submitting in a short time frame

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned a lot and connected with the team

What I learned

We learned more about how to code and ran into a lot of problems that after resolved, would help us in future coding projects

What's next for BBM

BBM will continue to grow and be further developed to become more user friendly and a fully finished product. We hope to continue with this past the Enactus Hacks Submission

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